Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crazy weeks of May!

We are in the midst of the crazy month of May and having fun!  I have months to catch up, but a few pictures on my camera so I thought I would start here!  Ryan and I had an opportunity to get away last Wednesday through Sunday and had a blast.  We are so thankful for all of our parents for taking care of our 3 littles so that we could enjoy this time and come back relaxed and ready for fun!  Too bad it has not even been a full week and I am already worn slap out! :)  This week, Rhodes had her end of the year beach party bash at school and I got to go help out! I especially love any time I get one on one with these three!

We have loved this sweet class full of friends this year and have had two wonderful teachers that we are so thankful for!!
 On Thursday, Ali had her Tag Extravaganza at school!  Her Tag class this semester was Spanish - pretty impressive to hear this group sing 4 little Spanish songs!

 One of the neatest things to me about their little Tag classes is that they are mixed up with other K-2 grade students. This semester, Ali got to be with her 1st grade friend, Lizzy!  
 On Friday, Rhodes had her end of the year gymnastics awards day.  I spent about half of my time chasing around my newly walking/exploring 15 month old, but loved watching this girl run around and tumble with her sweet friends!

 Action shots...

 Rhodes loved gymnastics this year!  We got to carpool with two of her best buddies, Lottie and Lauren, and most days ended up with a play date....Loads of fun!
 Also on Friday, Ali had Field Day! Thanks to another play date for Rhodes, I was able to stop by and check it out for a bit!  I think it was definitely Ali's favorite day of Kindergarten so far!
 Ali and her buddy, Mae!
 Ali has had such a great year this year and made so many new friends.  They have a really sweet little class and all look out for each other.  Here they were all trying to wait on each other to slide down together! :)

 Ali and her friend, Elijah!
 Ali is little Miss she loved all of the games!

 Ali and her friend, Holly!
 Tug of War!

I had to leave to go pick up my littles...but, I called Ryan to tell him about it and he decided to stop by!  He got there just in time for the 40 yard dash and got to see Ali compete.  When I called to check in, he was a proud daddy!  Telling me that Ali had made it to the finals of the 40 yard dash against one other little girl.  So proud of this girl...thank goodness she does not get her Mama's running skills!

More pictures to come of the rest of our week of school left to go and we had Rhodes' adorable ballet recital this morning!  Will post pictures of those as soon as I get them uploaded! :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mid-Winter Break 2013

Beck's birthday happens to fall on our Mid-Winter break and we decided to take a mini-vacation to get away for a bit!  We headed down on Wednesday to Savannah and then spent the rest of the week/weekend in St. Simons for our little getaway!

We had fun exploring with our little family...we started off with a walk down River Street after checking into our hotel.  Rhodes and Ali were our tour guides....

The tour guide and the model...

 This one cracks me up...

 Then off to the Pirates House for dinner...
 And no trip to Savannah (with kids) would be complete without multiple trips to River Street Sweets...definitely the girls' favorite spot!

 The next day, we headed to Savannah's outdoor Children's museum.  The weather was so nice and we had a great time!

After lots of fun stops, we decided to see a little history (since we were in Savannah, after all!) and stopped at Fort Jackson...
And one final stop on our way out of town at Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons restaurant.  Lucky for us, we didn't stop until 3:45 to have lunch, so we got to head right in! The girls automatically posed like this...
 Beck kept trying to pull her hair!

We spent the rest of our time relaxing in St. Simons.  As much fun as we had in Savannah, it was nice to not have anywhere we had to be or anything we had to see and separate bedrooms for everyone to sleep in! :)  We had 80 degree weather on Saturday and enjoyed running around at the beach...we were actually hot!   Beck felt his new little hairs blow in the wind for the first time.. :)
 He LOVED the beach and wanted to crawl all over
 And jump right in!
The girls loved it too...
 They would have stayed out there for hours running around!

 Especially this beach bum!
 Who was NOT very happy when it was time to go! :)